Preparing Your Home For Photography

Posted on: 29 October 2019

Preparing your home for photography

You’re ready to sell your property with hunni homes and the photographer is booked. Read our top tips to help you in the art of preparing your home for photography.

• Natural Light: Professional photographs are inevitably lightened and brightened to provide the best view of your home, however, ensuring curtains and blinds are fully open helps bring in natural light, giving the photographer the best opportunity to create a beautiful shot.
• Polish: Whilst we wouldn’t suggest it is necessary to paint walls and deep clean furniture, do remember the camera will pick up on little details, so have a thorough vacuum, wipe down countertops, give windows an extra shine and ensure mirrors are fingerprint free.
• Declutter: You don’t need to channel Marie Kondo, but casting a critical eye over your key rooms before photography will help. Potential buyers want to envision themselves in the space, so try to present the rooms without too much distraction. Photographers don’t look in cupboards so you can always tuck extra clutter out of sight just for the day.
• Additions: It’s not necessary to have fresh flowers, or strategically placed fruit bowls on the dining table, however small touches such as these can add to a homely feel that may suit your property.
• Little Details: You make your bed every day, but have you ever looked at it afterwards…straighten any bed corners, make sure the bathroom loo roll isn’t on the floor, pop any washing up away, try to view your property through a new visitors eyes as you give your house a final look over.
• Exterior: Don’t forget there will be an outside shot of your property too – and this could be the first glimpse someone has of your home on a property website. Clear any weeds, place bins out of sight and move any cars from the driveway if possible. Aim to provide the clearest view of the property available.

And that’s it! If you have any questions or would like help with preparing your home for photography, please don’t hesitate to let the hunni homes team know on 01892 888 333.


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